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Park & James – The story

Park & James – The story

For some, the flat shoe is a handy helper at times of discomfort, for some it is a strong style statement, a casual conviction, a way to display individuality in a world that celebrates the stiletto. But for others, at least for me, the flat shoe is an absolute necessity…

Having flat feet is something of a curse. Aside from the agony caused by anything above a kitten heel, the lack of a delicate curve or a sensual silhouette makes my feet look rather awkward.  For me, flat feet means that buying a pair of shoes has always been a task requiring a great deal of thought, trial and error.

Where most women have a closet containing of a kaleidoscope of shoes in a variety of heights, shapes and styles, the misfortune of my fallen arches has historically banished me to a life of boring, bland and banal footwear.

Tired of traditional ballet slippers I sought to create comfortable, creative and well-crafted shoes that could be worn by all women, out of choice, without compromising on style.

I noticed that polished pumps, shimmering slippers and elegant evening styles were more often than not, overlooked in the world of flats.  Working women who spend the day on their feet are forced to wear uninspiring, ill-fitting styles that either look matronly or lack character altogether.

Queue the arrival of Park & James. Combining our respective experiences in fashion and architecture, We went on to develop a trend-focussed collection of flat footwear that is as cosy as it is covetable. Clean, architectural lines and a whimsical, feminine sensibility combined for a bold aesthetic with a graceful appeal.

But don’t take my word for it, let me know what you think about Park & James and be a part of our continuing story as we expand our collection, after all, we’re doing it for you too!


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