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The Glory of the Flat Shoe – The Myth Of The heel…

Thea womens flat black shoe

Thea Monk Strap Flat

Starting with the 1600s, when women discovered the power of high heels, flat shoes had to take a few steps back and settle with being the less sexy and fashionable shoe choice for women. No true fashionista would have chosen to wear flat shoes, not even inside her house, and so the high heel slipper was invented, with the  complete with fur trim.

Fortunately, times have changed.  Victoria Beckham, who had previously derided flat shoes, showed up on the runway in flats.  Many other trendsetters have decided to put their sky-high platforms back in their boxes – at least for a while, until their callouses, bunions and lower back pain healed – flat shoes have definitely made a powerful comeback.

Science says: please wear flat shoes!

And why shouldn’t flat shoes become the actual superstars of our streets, offices and runways? Not only they are comfortable and attractive, but they also have science on their side. Unlike high heels that affect our walking and spine, put pressure on our knees and may actually deform our feet, flats contribute to a healthy posture, keep our spine fairly straight and our calf muscles relaxed, and distribute our weight evenly throughout the foot. You see? Flat shoes are our best friends, despite what Carrie Bradshaw says! Just ask her feet and see what they have to say about her shoe choices!

If you consider the fact that high heels weren’t actually invented for women to look taller or thinner, but for male horse riders to stop their feet from slipping from stirrups, back in the 9th century, you really start to wonder why we go through all this pain and force our feet to endure unnatural shapes?

Some may say because this is their company’s policy. There are many businesses, such as accountancy companies, law firms, airlines that expect women to wear high heels. Have you ever seen a flight attendant in flat shoes, despite the fact that she has to work really long hours on a very unstable floor?

The College of Podiatry in UK  has clearly demonstrated that wearing high heels can cause back problems, bunions, tight calves and ankle sprains. While most women might recover from the many negative effects that high heels can have on their feet and body, some of them, who wear high heels for longer periods of time, might end up with chronic pain, and even shortened Achilles tendons.

Flat shoe in a see through box

Darby Buckle Strap Flat

Flat shoes are here to stay

That’s why it’s time to change our perspective on flat shoes…and companies’ policies! We need to give flat shoes the chance to come out of the shadow created by the dictatorial high heels. Flats are the natural shoe choice for women out there, who have decided to wear comfortable shoes and give voice to flat shoes.

In case you’re worried that flat shoes are boring and unattractive, don’t! We’re in 2016, a century were comfort is the new sexy and flat shoes go with every outfit. We’ve transformed flat shoes into works of art.

With so many flat shoe styles to choose from, each have their own personality. You can find the perfect model for business, romantic dates, weddings, your grandpa’s birthday and pretty much any occasion in your life, and of course, all the flat shoes you want for casual attires.

You no longer have to choose between looking smoking hot in high heels and feeling comfortable in flat shoes! You can look smoking hot and feel comfortable at the same time! The innovative designs and luxury Italian leather make the difference between the archetypal boring flat shoe and head-turning flats that work for all occasions.  Check them out and let’s hear your thoughts!

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